Imperial cities tour from Marrakech

The Morocco imperial cities tour starts and ends from Marrakech is the typical cultural tour in Morocco. Marrakech is the busiest Tourist city in Morocco. This tour is worth an experience to dive into the most important, and historical cities in Morocco. Fez, Meknes, Marrakech, and Rabat are the 4 Capitals of the Islamic Moroccan dynasties from 12 centuries ago. Moreover, in this tour, we will take you to dive into some real stories of the Berber warriors of Mauritania Tanjia against Romans at the archaeological site of Volubilis. The tour also highlights Casablanca, which is the biggest city in Morocco, and its greatest mosque Hassan II.

Imperial cities tour from Marrakech itinerary:

Day 1:Arrival at Marrakech airport.

At the Arrival at Marrakech airport our driver will be waiting for you at the airport terminal to welcome you and pick you up to your accommodation. Also he will give you some advises where to change your money with Moroccan currency, where to eat, where to see sunset, and other facilities.

Day 2: Marrakech sightseeing tour with a local guide.

The Marrakech sightseeing tour with a local guide is an excellent guided tour to go deep into the history of the Marrakech dynasties. In the early morning the Guide will come to accompany you from your accommodation to the spectacular, well-known Jam’aa El Fena square, and the historical Koutoubia mosque, the biggest mosque in Marrakech which is known for its tallest minaret with an altitude of 77M, also it is considered as the most important landmark in the city. Later the tour will lead you to Bahia Palace, a stunning palace that was built in the 19th century by the grand minister of the Sultans Alaouites, Abu Imran Musa from the Family Sharqui Al Bukhari. Nearby you will discover also El Badi palace which was founded by Ahmed al-Mansur Dhahbi the Saadian sultan in the 16th century. Then a visit to the Saadian Tombs, a historical site that tells a lot of stories about the great dynasty of Saadian, the site contains the graves of important members of the dynasty, from the 16th and 17th centuries. The visit will head to the Ben Youssef Madrassa, one of the UNESCO heritages, and an Islamic school. The city sightseeing tour ends in one of the best Moroccan restaurants in the city, and then you will have the option to visit the Majorelle Garden which was in the 20th century by the French artist Jacques Majorelle or Menara Garden, the Almoravid historical garden, or the option for the free afternoon.

Day 3: Marrakech-Casablanca- Rabat.

After Breakfast at your Riad, we will drive towards Casablanca the most populated, and the economic capital of Morocco. After 3 hours driving, we will lead you to the Casablanca cathedral of the sacred heart, then Hassan II mosque a splendid rich architectural Moroccan building on the Atlantic Ocean. After the visit guided of the mosque, we will head to the United Nations square, and the Arab league park. Then we will stop for lunch break. Later we head to Rabat, the current political capital of Morocco, and one of the four imperial cities of the kingdom. At the arrival we will meet the local guide of Rabat besides the Hassan mosque, the twin mosque of the Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech, and the La Giralda de Seville in  Andalusia, Spain, that were built by the Almoravid dynasty. Beside the mosque you find the mausoleum where the late king Mohamed V and his son Hassan II lie together. From there you will have the chance to enjoy a panoramic of some of the modern Moroccan art, such us the highest tower in Africa, and the biggest opera theatre in Africa, beside the tram trails, and other new building. Not far from there stand the imposing walls, and towers of the necropolis of Chellah from the era of Merinids, and Romans before them. Later we go ahead to visit the Kasbah des Oudayas, which is a majestic splendid fortress, which stands in the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Boragrag river. We will end the day with a stunningly sunset from the Kasbah walls. Overnight in the Riad at Rabat.

Day 4: Rabat- Meknes- Volubilis- Fes.

At the morning, we will pick you up from your accommodation in Rabat towards the third imperial city. Meknes is a unique imperial city thanks to its special king who ruled the kingdom for the longest period. At the arrival we will meet the guide who will take you in a journey back to the history of this king and his city. We will begin the visit from the Lahdim Square, which is the twin of Jemaa El Fenna in Marraekch with the same characteristics, with just one difference, which is the great Gate of Bab Mansour in front of the square, one of the masterpieces of hispano-moorish art. Then we will lead you to the Royal stables and the granaries of the Sultan Moulay Ismail, besides the pelvis of Essouani. Furthermore we will visit the mausoleum where the Sultan Molay Ismail rests in peace. Next to the mausoleum gate we will stop for a lunch break. Later we will head to the largest archaeological site in the country, which is Volubulis. The ruins, such us capitol, triumphal arch, and house of Bacchus bear witness to the city splendour and its economic and politic weight in the region in that era. From there we will drive about one hour and half to reach the last stop of the day, which is Fes city. Overnight at the Riad.

Day 5: Fes sightseeing tour with a local guide.

Fes considered as the spiritual city of the kingdom, also where appeared the Idrissi dynasty, the first Muslim dynasty in Morocco which dates back to the 8th century. The guided tour of Fes city can be longer than the other cities sightseeing tours. We will start the first half of the tour from the sights behind the walls of the Medina. The Royal palace, which dated back to the 14th century, will be the starting point of our visit. Besides the Jewish neighbourhood, that was built next to the royal palace for the security of the Jewish minority. Then we will drive up to the hill, where we find the Saadian military fortress of south. The fortress has a stunningly panoramic view of Fez el Bali. Later we will drive down to the most famous potter’s quarter in morocco. And then start the second half of the tour. We will drop you off with the guide in front of the blue gate to dive into the medina monuments and crafts. The Guide will lead you to the oldest Tannery in morocco, where the craftsmen use the same traditional ways as in the past. Also the Alqaraouin University, first one in the world, the Al Attarin Medersa, Al Bo’Inania Medersa which are both Qoranic schools with rich architecture building. Also Fondouk Nejjarine,Seffarine square, Andalussian mosque, and the Bab semmarine. To end the days we will pick you up to the north up the hill, where the Merinides Tombs, and the north military fortress. From there we will lead you back to the Riad. Overnight at the Riad.

Day 6: Middle Atlas- Beni Mellal- Marrakech.

After breakfast we will depart from Fes towards Marrakech through the middle atlas mountains. We will drive to Ifran city which known as the small Switzerland of Morocco, thanks to its building with the European style, and then we will head to the biggest cedar forest in north Africa, where you will see the wild monkeys and feed them. Also we will drive through the Middle Atlas mountain towards Beni Mellal city. There we will visit a small historical castle with a panoramic view to the city. Later we will drive towards Marrakech. We will reach Marrakech city at the end of the day. There you will have free time to enjoy the activities at the famous square of Jamaa El Fena. Also you can order a massage season to relax after that long travel. Night at the Riad/hotel.

Day 7: Transfer to the Airport

On this last day of the Morocco imperial cities tour, we will transfer to the airport in Marrakech.


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