Morocco Camel Trekking

Morocco camel trekking is a mode of transportation that has been used in the Sahara for centuries. However, it is now a popular desert activity in Morocco. Riding a camel in the desert is a unique experience in which you will travel through the black desert and sandy dunes of the Erg Chebbi in Merzouga. It is the best desert activity in Merzouga that is included in many Morocco tours.  Merzouga is a small desert town near the borders of Algeria. It is located on the outskirts of Erg Chebbi which is an area of huge sand dunes that reach almost 160 meters in height. Also,  it also offers a great sight, especially when the sun goes down and the sand dunes turn from gold to orange. In Morocco camel trekking activity, you can experience a trip of a 1-day trip, 2 days trip, or 3 days trip. 

1 Day Camel Trekking Trip

On this trip, you will spend one night in our camp. Hence, you will start your camel trip from the hotel/Riad in the afternoon. You will ride your camels and your guide will stop so that you enjoy the sunset view in the middle of the desert dunes. After that, you will go to our camp where you can experience sandboarding, and take pictures near the camp. When you have dinner, you will enjoy listening to local music, singing, and dancing around the campfire. Then, you can have free time to enjoy it alone under the stars. In the early morning, you will get up to watch the view of sunrise view. Later on, you will have a shower and breakfast and come back to the accommodation in a different way. It is possible to come by 4×4 or choose to have breakfast and shower in the hotel/Riad.

2 Days Camel Trips

On 2 days trip in Morocco camel trekking, you will spend 2 nights in different camps. So, you will start your trip from the Hotel/Raid in a similar way. However, on the second day, you will ride your camels towards the black desert after breakfast. You will visit nomadic families who live near the borders. You will explore their lifestyle and activities. They will warmly welcome you in their handmade tents with mint tea, and you enjoy Berber pizza for lunch. After that, you will go to the middle of the dunes to enjoy the sunset and you go to another camp to spend the second night. You will have a different dish for dinner and enjoy the night with new tourists.

3 Days Camel Trip And Desert Excursion

On 3 days trip, you will experience a desert tour by 4×4. As usual, your camel trip will start from the accommodation. Your camel guide will make a stop in the middle of the dunes for a panoramic view and sunset. Besides, you will enjoy the same activities highlighted on the 1-day trip and 2 days trip. But, on this second, we will take you from the camp by 4×4 to explore desert areas. Firstly, we will take to nomad families near the Algerian borders. Then, we will go to Mifis to explore where locals extract mines. After that, we will visit Khamlia village where you will enjoy Gnawa music and have lunch there. Then, we will take you to Desert Lake and a desert oasis. Finally, we will take you to the same camp or another camp for the second night. In the morning, you can choose to come back to the accommodation by camels or 4×4.


It is possible to modify and customize your camel trip according to your needs. Contact us